The purpose of this program is to improve the nursing leadership skills.

In this program, there are 4 topics have to be learnt and quiz sessions also included. In order to get 100% completion, you must to complete all sessions in this module.

Dear all Nurses ,it is CNE about Central Venous Catheter Care by RN Ma Myint Kyi.


Pressure ulcers (PUs) are caused by tissue damage when the blood supply to an area of skin is diminished as a result of pressure. Although most pressure ulcers are preventable, all patients are at risk. Nurses have a central role in prevention and management of pressure areas. They should be able to assess patients' risk of developing PUs using evidence-based practice, recognised risk assessment tools and by completing a holistic assessment. Nurses must be able to identify the risk factors associated with developing PUs and implement appropriate measures to deliver harm-free care. Repositioning techniques, monitoring and ongoing care strategies are essential for pressure ulcer prevention in practice.